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Wyandot East Fire District (WEFD) will no longer provide primary EMS coverage for Tod Township effective September 1, 2023. Please see the ATTACHED LETTER from WEFD.
 Effective January 1, 2024, Tod Township's primary EMS coverage will be provided by Crawford County West Joint Ambulance District and fire coverage will continue to be provided by Wyandot East Fire District. 



The Tod Township Trustees meet every second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.



The annual Oceola Cemetery clean-up day is scheduled for April 1st each year.  Families are responsible to remove any wanted items by March 31st.  Decorating may resume on April 2nd following the Rules and Regulations found on the cemetery tab



Also known as Oceola Methodist Episcopal Cemetery.


On the south side of Lincoln Highway, behind the Oceola Garage, approximately 1000 feet east of Marion-Melmore Road
(County Highway 1).


future east entrance to Oceola Cemetery 1

We are currently creating a new entrance on the east side of the Oceola Garage the will make accessing this cemetery much easier.

Thank you for your patience.

Also known as United Brethren Cemetery.


On the east side of Marion-Melmore Road (County Highway 1) approximately 0.3 mile south of Lincoln Highway.





On the west side of Marion-Melmore Road (County Highway 1) approximately 1/4 mile south of Lincoln Highway.


WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of Tod Township feel that it is necessary to formulate a policy to ensure the proper maintenance of a neat, clean, uncluttered burial grounds in the three Cemeteries located in Oceola therefore, be it
RESOLVED, by said Board, that the following “Rules and Regulations” for Cemeteries #1, #2 and #3 located in Oceola be and are hereby adopted; and be it further
RESOLVED, that these “Rules and Regulations” may, from time to time, be amended.

  2. 1. Flower beds may be planted only on the grave side of the monument or marker. Beds shall not extend beyond the length of the marker or be wider than 8”. Planting of live plants will be permitted between individual markers on the same lot, however, plantings or floral beds will not be permitted in the center of the lot. Any plantings not properly cared for will be removed.
  3. 2. Plantings shall be limited to small annuals such as geraniums or other upright plants. Crocus, tulips, and hyacinths may be planted in the flower beds in the fall.
  4. 3. No hardy plants such as peonies, rose bushes, iris, or chrysanthemums will be permitted. If such a planting is found, the township reserves the right to remove same.
  5. 4. No planting or sinking of pots at grass level markers or at baby graves will be permitted.
  6. 5. If a flower bed is not desired, a maximum of two planted 12” pots will be permitted at a monument. These are to be placed at the front side or ends of a memorial or on a portion of the monument or marker.
  7. 6. One floral urn will be permitted if it is placed at the front side or ends of the memorial. Urns more than eight inches wide shall be placed at the end of the monument or marker.
  8. 7. Cut flowers must be placed in approved cemetery containers.
  9. 8. Any statues shall be attached to a monument or marker.
  10. 9. No landscaping stone shall be placed around a memorial.
  2. 1. Plantings of a tree or trees at various locations in the cemetery in memory of a loved one are permitted with the approval of the Township Trustees.
  3. 2. Approved lot plantings of shrubbery or bushes become the sole responsibility of the lot owner and the township reserves the right to remove any and all plantings not properly cared for or plantings that are allowed to grow over adjoining lots or walkways.



  2. 1. Grave blankets are permitted November 1 to March 31.
  3. 2. Evergreen arrangements (2) are permitted November 1 to March 31.
  4. 3. Wreaths (2) are permitted November 1 to March 31.
  5. 4. Wreaths which are part of the floral offering at the time of interment will be permitted the balance of that current season or until routine clean-up time, which will not be less than 14 days.
  2. 1. Routine annual clean-up is set for April 1 each year. All materials to be salvaged shall be removed prior to this date.
  3. 2. Families are responsible to remove items they wish to keep by March 31st. Items that remain will be removed and disposed of by the Township Trustees.


  2. 1. All memorials shall be set on durable foundations. Arrangements to pour foundations for memorials will be made by the Township. Orders for foundations shall be paid for in advance to the Township, including the cost of materials and labor for the foundation and an inspection fee of $30.00. Payment shall be made to the Township Fiscal Officer prior to commencement of this work.
  3. 2. Memorials shall be set level, square with the corners of the lot and grouted with a proper mixture of sand and cement. Top soil shall be placed around the memorial base to hide the joint between the foundation and stone.
  4. 3. Dimensions of memorials shall not exceed the following:
  5. a. Single graves: 2’-8” long, 1’-2” wide.
  6. b. Double Graves: 4’-6” long, 1’-2” wide.
  7. c. Triple Graves: 6’-0” long, 1’-2” wide.
  8. d. The foundation shall be a minimum of 36” depth and 3” on each side larger than size of the memorial that rests upon it.
  9. 4. All granite or other stone used for memorials shall be durable and of good quality.
  10. 5. No marble will be permitted for a memorial or marker.
  11. 6. Lettering on memorials and markers shall be cut to the proper depth and raised or incised without artificial coloring.
  12. 7. Carving shall be in good taste and without artificial coloring of any kind.
  13. 8. Dealers of monuments must check grave sites of their customers at the cemetery to determine correct burial arrangement.
  1. F. CREMATION 1. Regardless of whether burial is in the ground or burial is in above ground memorial monument, cremains of only two are allowed per plot.
  2. 2. Cremains of one may be buried on top of traditional burial, with family approval.
  4. 3. Ashes from cremations are not to be spread over any part of the grounds.
  5. 4. Above ground memorial monuments must follow the same memorial dimensions listed in section E.


  2. 1. Burial fee - traditional open/close ---------------------------------- $ 900.00
  3. 2. Burial fee - infant open/close ----------------------------------------- $ 500.00
  4. 3. Burial fee – cremains open/close ------------------------------------ $ 300.00
  5. 4. Saturday burial additional fee (traditional &cremains) ----------- $ 100.00
  6. 5. Sunday & holiday burial fees are doubled
  7. 6. Individual grave site for current Tod Twp resident -------------- $ 500.00
  8. 7. Individual grave site for non-Tod Twp resident ------------------ $ 750.00

(Minimum of two sites to select location for both resident and non-resident. If one grave site is purchased, the Cemetery Trustees will select the location.)
8. Monument foundation, is determined by size, current material prices and wage rates.

All the above rates are subject to change without prior notice.

  2. 1. Cemeteries #1 and #2 are inactive allowing no new burials.
  3. 2. Burials are permitted on Sundays and holidays but fees are doubled.
  4. 3. Visitors are permitted in the cemetery during daylight hours only.
  5. 4. Dogs, horses or other animals are not permitted in the cemetery at any time.
  6. 5. Unlicensed or recreational type vehicles are not permitted on the grounds.
  7. 6. The Tod Township Trustees are not liable for anything placed on any grave by the lot owner or other persons.
  8. 7. All burials shall be made using an approved concrete top lid vault with a seal.
  9. 8. Burial of animals or pets of any kind is prohibited.
  10. 9. Discharge of firearms or explosives, other than for a funeral ceremony, is prohibited.
  11. 10. The township trustees reserve the right to remove from any lot anything that it deems unsightly, in bad taste, or which in any way conflicts with the Rules and Regulations or general beauty of the cemetery. If removal of an item is deemed necessary, for any reason, the trustees shall have the right to remove such items, or otherwise correct the condition using their best judgment, and without notice to any interested party.

Adopted this 12th day of August, 1985, by the Board of Tod Township Trustees, Crawford County, Ohio.
Revised: 12-29-1986, 12-30-1993, 3-14-1995, 8-11-1998, 1-9-2001, 2-11-2003,
6-13-2006, 5-8-2007, 2-12-2008, 5-13-2014, 4-9-2019, 8-14-2019, 11-12-2019,
4-14-2020; 11-10-2020; 12-29-2020, 4-12-2022
For more information, contact: Tod Township Trustees
3043 Marion-Melmore Road
Nevada, OH 44849
740-482-2797 (leave a message)